Why redesign this site again?

This is our companies 3rd iteration of ComputerResolve.com. Each website was appropriate for its time, I think. When we were still new, we didn’t want to look like we were a super expensive company. I had only learned how to build websites from a college class I took at GCC, and the website certainly looked like a home built website, even back then.

After thinking about the topic of web design, and what makes some sites more interesting than others, I decided it was the media that was on the page. Like, the clean images, logos, curves, three-dimensional effects and interactivity that made a site look more professional. I did want to avoid the all Flash websites though, as those were overly interactive.

Moving into today, the ultimate driver to redo the site was that when searching Google from my mobile phone, I received a message describing my website in the search results. It said “This website is not mobile-friendly.” How could Google turn their backs on me? Who has more pull in the world. Could I go to google and tell them that they are making me look bad and ask that they stop?…

It was the least I could do to not look foolish to Google. Its kind of like keeping up with the Jones, in my eyes.

I also was asked to help a friend build a blog, who was referred to me by an ecclesiastical leader, that this was something I could handle. It only made sense to build my own blog, before I could help someone else build one. It was much easier than I would have expected. Plus, it looks and performs much better and was much cheaper. I didn’t have to buy any special editing tools as I had in the past.

I still yearn to have the old Red White and Blue “COMPUTERRESOLVE.COM” Banner back!


ComputerResolve.com 2.0